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Urban kitkat

Urban kitkat

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With its sheltering arms and deeply tufted upholstery, the Urban Kit-Kat Sofa is synonymous with comfort. Our Leatherite sofa retains all the fine points of the metropolitan life. creating furniture that’s perfect for relaxing.


Sofa 62”
Sofa 86"
Grand Sofa 98"
Grand Sofa 110"

Grand Sofa 122"




Leather care:
Never use detergents, polishes, preservers or saddle soap. They can remove natural oils.
Dust or vacuum for routine maintenance.
Do not place in direct sunlight; it will lighten or discolor leather/Leatherite over time.
Dab spills immediately with a soft white cloth dampened in a water solution (3 parts water, 1-part gentle soap). If spill penetrates leather/Leatherite, use lukewarm water and a soft white cloth to massage stain and surrounding area. Blot with a dry cloth and allow leather to air dry.
Most surface scratches will fade over time if you rub them with your fingertips. Friction and heat from rubbing helps to redistribute wax in surrounding areas to cover the scratch. Not all scratches have the same depth, and this may not work on deeper scratches.


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